Aerial Dubai – 精彩的航拍鸟瞰迪拜的壮丽景色

When we’re talking about Dubai the first word that comes to mind is “future”. And it’s true – Dubai is a well known city of innovations, mind blowing projects and futuristic buildings. Where is the biggest building in the world? In Dubai. Where is the only hotel in the world having 7 stars? In Dubai. Where is a wonderful man-made island in whimsical form of a date palm? Or group of artificial islands in the form of world map? Also in Dubai. Internet is full of numerous photos of Dubai captured by tourists during their journey. And even on pages of our website you can easily find some interesting photos – you check them here. But what about to see this futuristic city by different angle – bird’s views? In the following collection we’ve gathered extremely beautiful photos showing aerial Dubai. So stop reading and fly with us!

ps 这么漂亮的航拍,需要什么设备呢? 看看这里吧

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  1. 我就是随便看看

  2. very good !